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During an outing to a show, a group of teenagers who don't know each other find themselves locked in the theater.
Cut off from the world, these young people become a tribe.
Some left in search of a way out, returning laden with plants and carrying strange mutations.

What happened outside?
What event transformed them?
Is the forest gaining ground?

A motley trio at the helm of the
Collectif en scène ;  a dancer-choreographer, an autrice-slameuse and a director-circassienne accompany fifteen youngsters aged 8 to 13 to the stage.
Whether in front of the spotlight or behind it, it's going to be a great adventure: a theatrical and human creation! 
How do you organize yourself when you're locked up in a theater, with your only family - a family you didn't choose - a juvenile theater troupe?  
And when, on top of all that, we start to feel strange, when our hair starts to grow, our canines start to slice, and our voices start to moult? 
How do we connect here, with each other, despite the catastrophe that seems to be unfolding outside the TJP?
For this creation, the collectif en scène wants to explore both the TJP and the delights of its culture, as well as the forest and the flavors of nature.
A futuristic creation of yesteryear.

This small troupe is associated with the TJP to write and create a show, accompanied by an author of the verb Mélissa Zehner and a body author Delphine Lanson.

Writing workshops held with the children over weekends give birth to the text.
In spring, the collective comes together for a week-long creative residency. Children are invited to discover and practice all facets of show production, from acting to lighting design to stage direction.

Finally, on Sunday May 19, the show will be presented in the main hall of the TJP in the presence of the audience, followed by a debate.
This performance is part of the  Seishun generationa festive, artistic event dedicated to young people, featuring shows, meetings, workshop presentations, screenings and a party.



Adeline Fontaine is a dancer and performer for choreographers and stage directors. She created her association La Panthère Blanche - Productions in 2019 to develop her artistic agricultural projects with the desire to bring the world of farming to the stage. Travol'Time, her first project, premiered in November 2023 at the Scène Nationale d'Albi.


Physical actress, writer, director and producer, Delphine Lanson is committed to the complementary nature of the arts, and actively engages in research projects with circus artists, filmmakers, writers and actors.
Member of the scientific, artistic and pedagogical college of the CNAC (national center for circus arts)-Artist in the artist service at the CDN in Strasbourg.


Mélissa Zehner is an actress, writer and project manager. Trained at at the Conservatoire de Marseille, La Comédie de Saint Etienne then at AtelierCité at Toulouse's CDN, she founded Les Palpitantes in 2021, feminist and committed company. As a theater craftswoman, she operates a research work and produces a composite textual material that she wants to be an actor's material.


Two writing weekends
- Saturday, February 10 + Sunday, February 11
- Saturday April 13 + Sunday April 14
CSC du Neuhof - 8 rue Georges Epstein, 67100 Strasbourg, France


Creative residency :
Monday 22 to Friday 26 April 2024
CSC du Neuhof - 8 rue Georges Epstein, 67100 Strasbourg, France


Public performance and debate :
Sunday, May 19 at 5 p.m.
TJP Main stage - 7 rue des Balayeurs Strasbourg - Krutenau district


Full price ⇔ 180 €
Solidarity rate ⇔ 60 € (*)
(*) Parents who are unemployed, receiving minimum social benefits (RSA, AAH, minimum old-age pension), entertainment intermittents, artist-authors or Carte Évasion holders / Disabled parents or participants

Registration deadline : February 22, 2024

Download the registration form below and send it to Julie Uffmann :
06 12 74 13 14