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MAY 16 TO 19


Today, we live in a precarious world.
I feel a lot of violence and frustration that leads nowhere. I have the feeling that young people feel responsible.

For me, theater is the place where transformations are possible. You can be naughty or nice, a hero or an old man and beyond.
A student once told me: "My father died on his bed peeling an orange because he was poor. So I wanted to be rich, but I failed. I had nothing left and was cleaning in a cinema. There, I saw a possibility, I saw that in cinema or theater, you can transform yourself."
At the TJP, we want to use theater to transform violence into vital energy, as in the martial arts.
Seishun in Japanese means an immature spring that doesn't last. Seishun generation* is our highlight for and by young people.

Kaori Ito

* Youth Spring in Japanese