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My name is Kaori Ito. I'm originally from Japan. I'm delighted to be able to share with you this new cycle at the TJP. In Japan, the earth shakes a lot, and the strongest architecture is the one that moves with the earth. We build on faults, not on the stable. I'm convinced that we can still heal the world and our faults through art, just like the kintsugi who, when there are fractures in the ceramic, glues them back together with gold powder to sublimate them. This Japanese philosophy guides my project for the TJP, as this institution can be a place of healing, of repairing the world through art with you. The TJP aims to be a repository for your dreams, to be realized by artists. The TJP is a place of universal sharing where you can participate and experience cultural rights for all.


What the shows in this first season have in common is that they find freedom and humor in subjects that are sometimes serious. Sharing them and going beyond them by engaging the body and letting go gives rise to a form of delirium or joy that moves us. It's the team's wish that everyone should want to come and see the TJP. Yes, I'd like everyone to find themselves in this program of new magic, circus, dance, music, puppetry and text. That we all share a unique moment in the theater.


In dialogue with the artists' committee, the children are the TJP's partners. They bring us a valuable perspective. The TJP is a place of contemporary living rituals; without judgments, without religions, but with our graceful gestures. In the telephone hut, you can address your childhood, your loved ones or your dreams. With Midis au théâtre, apéros artistiques, garderie artistique and workshops, we make regular appointments.

Two highlights punctuate the season. Between object theater, contemporary puppetry and android robots, the Micro Giboulées question the notion of animism. In Japan, it is said that there are 700 souls around us.

Seishun generation is a celebration of youth. With presentations of children's and young people's projects, it embodies the living energy that is so important to the world.

 Wajdi Mouawad says that "theater doesn't kill war", but I believe we can repair our flaws with the gold that is our imagination.


Kaori Ito