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In the spirit of "tiers lieux", spaces where work and personal life are hybridized, we want to invent contemporary artistic rituals that break down the boundaries between professional and amateur artistic practice, and write new narratives to re-enchant the world.
In 2007, cultural rights became a human right. Everyone now has the fundamental right to express their culture and contribute to cultural life.
In an age of collaborative organizations, peer-to-peer recommendations and citizen participation, it's urgent to listen to what young people have to say, and to make our professional tools and resources available to citizens. To think of art as a common good.

Pursuing an artistic approach is a process of individual emancipation and therefore a necessary pillar of democracy. We want to invite you to exercise your creativity in everyday life. That's why the TJP has come up with schemes to encourage artistic expression for all, and especially for children. 

Alongside the artists, the TJP's associates are the children. They bring us their essential view of the world, write and perform their show (collectif en scène), invent scripts and make short films (collective in pictures) or advise artists (expert committee).

We invite you to join us on a regular basis to invent artistic rituals for everyday life:
→ Tuesday lunchtimes, come and eat with us and nourish your souls
→ On Thursday evenings, come to the edge of the stage to chat with the artists.
→ On Friday evenings, come to the artistic aperitifs and dare to share a moment in which you are the driving force behind creativity.
→ On Saturdays, come and enjoy a show while your children take advantage of the art nursery.
→ As soon as possible, come and drop off a dream, a secret, talk to your dead or your childhood in the phone shack.

We hope that when you leave the TJP you'll feel free, that you'll escape from your retirement home with drums beating, that you'll embark on a never-before-dared conversation with a loved one, that you'll finally throw yourself into writing, that you'll confront your fear of emptiness, that you'll dance your heart out...

Come on, it's commonplace.