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The TJP wishes to welcome spectators from all backgrounds and generations. It wants to make its venues and artistic offerings ever more accessible.



The artists we program speak their minds, without compromising on content. Shows accessible from a very young age are therefore aimed at everyone, with or without children. However, to ensure that the show runs smoothly and to help you make the right choices, we do recommend an age limit. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to ask the ticket office for advice.


For anyone with hearing hypersensitivity, noise-cancelling headphones for children and adults are available on request from the ticket office before your visit.

The entire program is accessible to people with psychological or mental disabilities. The TJP team can help you choose the shows you'd like to see and set up a personalized spectator pathway.

The TJP halls are accessible to people with reduced mobility. The reception team is at your disposal to help you enter the auditorium. To make sure you receive the best possible welcome, please let the ticket office know you are coming.

With a strong emphasis on visual and body language, these shows are accessible to the deaf and hearing-impaired:
Manuel, hand washer
In the beginning
In the woods
Bells and spells

We also present wordless shows accompanied by *vibrating vests, allowing you to feel the music in your body through vibrations. Please reserve your vest at the ticket office before you come.
Battle mon coeur
Bells and spells

In partnership with Two Hands On Stage and Culture AccessWe are offering two shows, some of which are interpreted in French sign language and accompanied by vibrating vests (see above).
My favorite color
The world upside down + LSF set edge

The Petite scène is equipped with a magnetic loop. To activate the system, please contact the box office before coming to the theater.

Giving pride of place to text and sound, these shows are accessible to the visually impaired:
Manuel, hand washer
Larsen Love
Pampering language

We also offer audio description of one of the season's shows. In order to welcome you in the best possible way, please reserve your headset in advance at the ticket office.
We, in the mess

Giving pride of place to body language and sound, these shows are accessible to non-French speakers.

The following shows focus on body and sound languages. Non French speakers can therefore attend them.

Da die Körper- und Klangsprache im Vordergrund steht, sind diese Aufführungen prinzipiell auch ohne Französischkenntnisse zugänglich.
Manuel, hand washer
Battle mon coeur
Bells and Spells
Listening under zabris
In the beginning
In the woods
Robot, eternal love


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For questions about accessibility :
+33(0)6 12 74 13 14